Bridge at Mama Belly Blog tagged me, and as I have been tagged several times (here is the last time) Im taking her idea of doing it about hubby or the girls... So, the next 4 times that Im tagged, I will post about them... The first one is Mimi!!

So, in case somebody doesnt know how this works, here are the rules... I have to share 7 facts about me (will do about Mimi this time), and then I tagged 7 people letting them know by a comment in their blog.
1 - Mimi loves to play with water, and it's the only one from the girls that doesnt complain when the water runs over her face during shower time.

2 - Im convinced that everything that Mimi eats is going to to her brain! She eats like there is no tomorrow (she actually eats more that Gaby and Mia), but she doesnt gain weight or grow... So, the only explanation is that the food is going to her brain and she is becoming the smartest kid of the world!! (at least of the household, right?)

3 - Mimi doesnt smile to everybody right away as some other babies do... People can do everything in their hands to make her smile and she will simply stare at them with this "wondering" face. After she has spent at least 20 minutes with that person, she is all smiles!!!

4 - Mimi loves to play with dolls and plush animals... She will hug them and kiss them and give them lots of love. Just too cute.

5 - She has 8 teeth, and still teething non-stop. She has been a great camper, and is still a happy girl even when she is in pain.

6 - Next month (September 2nd) she will start going to a "real classroom" at her "school". She was in a room with playpens, gyms, nurses, and now she will have tables and chairs and little things to play with... She actually has an activity book!!!

7 - Mimi has a birth mark on her arm that looks like she is dirty, that Gaby also has next to her belly, and that a lot of people from my hubby's family has.

Now I tagged some babies from Mimi's friends list (Remember I want facts from the babies, not the mommies):
1 - Sofia (Erica's daughter)
2 - Annalisa (Kari-Anne's daughter)
3 - Cooper (Gentri's son)
4 - Alison (Pauline's daughter)
5 - Ethan (Hayley's son)
6 - Gavin (Jenn's son)
7 - Gianna (Flower's daughter)
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Heather said...

How funny, Thais has a birthmark in the same place as her father. Strange how that happens huh?



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