To celebrate their good grades, we decided to take the girls to Sirenis Aquagames Punta Cana. It's a great water park with lots of rides and attractions.

I dare to say that this day was one of the best days on the girls life.  It was non stop fun since we got there until we left.  My nephew has been there before, but I don't think we had the same fun with his parents only than today with us.

I am a bit paranoid when it comes to my girls running around without having all three on my eyes.  For that reason, at first they were not able to have all the fun because I was keeping them all three in the same spot. They wanted to run around and be in different areas and my brother told me "woman, just let them have fun"... and I did.  I knew they were in a safe area and that nothing was going to happen to them, so for the first time in my life, I allowed them to do whatever they wanted to... FREELY. My only rule was they needed to tell each other where they were, so if I were to ask Mimi "where is Gaby?", she needed to know to answer me.  And I have to say that they complied at a 100%.  I was still going around from one area to be other to make sure they were still alive, but I let them be free for once.

The park is full of areas for them to have fun with only 2 or 3 attractions were they were not allowed. Mia and Mimi spent most of their time in the pool pictured above because it had many many slides, and Gaby and my nephew spent most of the time in the big kids pool because Gaby wanted to be there, and my nephew would follow Gaby to the end of the world.

They were all dying to go to the big slide, however Mimi didn't meet the height requirement by half inch.  I explained the guy that she was already 6, and that she was a big girl (only petite) so they allow her to go ONCE (with me by her side... oh fun). I though it was going to be too much for her, so one time was going to be enough.  I was so wrong.  She wanted to go again, and the guy refused to.  She was sad and all, but nothing gets in the way when Mimi wants something.  Not sure how she did it, but she managed to go down the big slide around 7 or 8 times, just as much as others did.

Here are some more pictures...

Here is a picture with my babies....

And here is my mom with her babies...

We look forward to do this again very soon!
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My mom is simply the best example of love and dedication, and every day of my life, I'm thankful for her.  I am happy to see how my daughters and nephew really appreciate her. They do give her a headache here and there, but they adore her and they know everything she does for them is because she loves them, not because she has to.

We did a mini party for my mom with all her babies... That is her two children and her four grandchildren... and of course, my sister in law, who is like another daughter for her.  Even my grandma spent a bit of time with us.  We had cupcakes, goodie bags and chocolate bars...

Look how happy my mom was...

Group picture! I LOVE my family sooo much!

And of course, I didn't really make an invitation for her paryt, but I have been dying to use this picture of her for a design and I got my chance.  This is my mom as a child.. Who knows how old she was, but I gotta love that face...
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I received Gaby's final grades and I am really proud of her. She is really smart but VERY lazy.  She sometimes forgets that she can't just be playing around with her sisters, but she's lucky because she is so smart that her laziness didn't affect her grades.  The average for all main subjects are above 91.  She's officially a 5th grader now!!

Spanish: 94
Math: 93
Social Studies: 93
Science: 95
English: 91

Mia and Mimi don't get actual numbers for the grades. They just get "Acomplished", "In process" or "Not accomplished". They got ACCOMPLISHED in every single section, and Mimi's teacher wrote to her: "You are an excellent student. Very organized and likes to cooperate". Mimi is officially a 1st grader and Cami is officially a 2nd grader!!

And this brings a question to me... Why are my girls growing soooo fast? Now, I don't have a child in preschool anymore, they are all in Elementary School... It's hard to believe!
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I am a proud mom all the time, but there are moments where I am so proud that I feel something too big for my heart to handle. Today was Mimi's Kinder Graduation and that alone is something that should make me proud, however it was something bigger than that.

I was her graduation's godmother and each child is supposed to walk down the aisle with the selected godparent while the teacher talks about the child's accomplishments, main traits and even what the child said he/she were going to be when they grow up.

I know who my daughter is and I know her values, but when you have somebody else saying all of them to a microphone, it is simply an amazing feeling.  Her teacher when on and on about how amazing she is, how smart, how dedicated, how talented, how creative... It's just amazing to see and hear how she excels even among her peers.  While the teacher said one or two sentences about each child, she said almost 10 sentences just about Mimi.  Others may believe that she was her favorite, but maybe that was the reason.  After all, if a teacher is going to have a favorite, that one would always be her best student. She got the highest grades from all the class and she is ready for First Grade.

It was also funny to hear that ALL other kids wanted to be a doctor when they grow up.  As I used to be a teacher for young kids myself, I know that when kids are cornered with a question like that, normally ONE child answers one thing and then all the others answer the same thing.  I remember that I used to ask my students those questions by themselves for that reason.  Anyway, ALL kids wanted to be a doctor, but not Mimi... She wants to be a veterinarian.

They had two presentations... First they sang a few songs and then they danced with partners...

And of course, I did a graduation card for her.

Way to go Mimi.... Your mom, grandma uncle and sisters and VERY proud of you!
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My sweet little rascal turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. She keeps me on my toes but she also makes me proud every single day.  She is becoming a little lady and I am loving watching her grow. She has always been this tiny little thing with such a big mouth (to eat and to give orders). She’s so smart, passionate, dedicated and sooo funny!

All three girls have been in love with Sofia the First and that was the theme of choice for her party. Her actual birthday was mid week and it was also in the middle of the tests, so we had to push the party for a couple of weeks.

She was very excited and couldn't wait.  I did the same strategy I did with Mia's party:  A small party with just a few kids BUT with LOTS of favors and decor.  This way I get to spend more on each kid and get to do way more stuff.  She shares her birthday with a friend of mine (pictured above with Mimi) and we gave her a special hug at Mimi's party.

Here is the invitation I made for her...

Here are pictures of the decor and snacks...

And here are the goodies and favors...

Mimi was soo happy when we were signing happy birthday! The magic candles were a hit once again.

I also did a card to say thank you to all of those that helped to make Mimi's birthday EXTRA special. A friend helped cutting the ribbons for the walls (which is not a pleasant job, trust me), then another one who helped decorating until we almost passed out, then another who helped with the camera department, and then to all the ones that were present celebrating!! Thank you SOOO very much!!
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