I am a proud mom all the time, but there are moments where I am so proud that I feel something too big for my heart to handle. Today was Mimi's Kinder Graduation and that alone is something that should make me proud, however it was something bigger than that.

I was her graduation's godmother and each child is supposed to walk down the aisle with the selected godparent while the teacher talks about the child's accomplishments, main traits and even what the child said he/she were going to be when they grow up.

I know who my daughter is and I know her values, but when you have somebody else saying all of them to a microphone, it is simply an amazing feeling.  Her teacher when on and on about how amazing she is, how smart, how dedicated, how talented, how creative... It's just amazing to see and hear how she excels even among her peers.  While the teacher said one or two sentences about each child, she said almost 10 sentences just about Mimi.  Others may believe that she was her favorite, but maybe that was the reason.  After all, if a teacher is going to have a favorite, that one would always be her best student. She got the highest grades from all the class and she is ready for First Grade.

It was also funny to hear that ALL other kids wanted to be a doctor when they grow up.  As I used to be a teacher for young kids myself, I know that when kids are cornered with a question like that, normally ONE child answers one thing and then all the others answer the same thing.  I remember that I used to ask my students those questions by themselves for that reason.  Anyway, ALL kids wanted to be a doctor, but not Mimi... She wants to be a veterinarian.

They had two presentations... First they sang a few songs and then they danced with partners...

And of course, I did a graduation card for her.

Way to go Mimi.... Your mom, grandma uncle and sisters and VERY proud of you!
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