FINALLY!!! This was loooong overdue!! I got my butt to the doctor, purchased a cute frame and got my eyeglasses!!!

In case you didnt know, the latina singer and actress Thalia actually has an eyewear collection and it is very cute... I got the "Curiosa" model in Aqua Tortoise and Im IN LOVE with them!!

I have to confess that I should be wearing them more, but it is just difficult to get used to be using eyeglasses.. I feel that I can see better without them, even though I dont... This is not the best picture, but here I am:
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It is actually celebrated on the 6th, however in this country non major holidays are normally celebrated on the Monday before or Monday after (to protect the economy of mid and small companies from closing down in the middle of the week). So, this year we got to celebrate the 3 Wise Kings on the 4th!

Some of the things that Gaby got was a V-Pocket and a newborn My Little Pony. Camila got ANOTHER doll!

Camila was into combing their dolls, and fixing everybody's hair (including mine) so we got her this set that even has a blow dryer with real sounds....

And YES, more dolls for Mimi...

The girls are in love with Mickey and Friends, and each one got a few figurines of them....

They were REALLY happy and I was just thrilled!!
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What a day to be at the ER!! Gaby was at my mom's mahogany rocking chair drinking a glass of milk. Here is the rocking chair she was sitting down that day:

Camila thought it was fun to rock her and she did it sooo hard that the rocking chair felt backwards, and the back of it broke causing Gaby to cut around her elbows in two different places. She got two stitches in one side of the elbow and one in the other side! It was really painful, but she amazed me with how brave she handled it. She cried, but she let the doctors sew her with the minimum of issues.

Funny thing is that it is a VERY strong rocking chair and very well made. Not really sure where did Camila found the strength to rock it so hard, but she did.
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We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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