... I am a hero. I am strong and wise, and I know no fear. But the truth is plain to see. They were sent to rescue me. I see who I want to be, in my daughters' eyes.
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There is a post I made from last May called "what is love"... It has a picture of my girls and my oldest nephew...  It's hard to get a picture that I like of all 4, and I LOVE this one. It was taken by my sister in law and I stole it from her Instragra. I wish the sun would not be on Gaby's face, but whenever I decide to print my blog, I will just remove it with Photoshop. It's amazing to see much they have changed in just 12 months...
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Mimi is this amazing miniature version of a lady who turns 7 years old today. She has such a BIG mouth with such a tiny size. I never get tired of repeating how she excels in just about anything and everything!

She never ever ceases to amaze me and I am very proud of her. I love you sooooooo much that it hurts!!

Happy Birthday, little princess!

For memory lane, here is a collage of her growing up. She's the only one of my girls that I can still hold on my arms... and I love it!
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I have been wanting to get a juicer since the longest. When I discussed my diet with the nutritionist at the gym, I asked her to add some juices and promised her to get it ASAP. I did and I'm sooo happy!!

My idea was to make a juice with whatever fruit and/or vegetable that she included on my diet, that I didn't include in any meals for that day. Plus, the ones she actually wrote as juices.

I got a Hamilton Beach juicer that I found on sale. I was trying it out today and I learned that 32 ounces is A LOT!!!! (read my sarcasm there)... Most of the recipes online are made for that amount, so I will need to make adjustments for the next one. And of course, I didn't drink ALL that!
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Today was a beautiful sunny day, and Gaby was thrilled because she was getting ready to receive her First Holy Communion.

Not only she was getting the communion by a monsignor, but also she was getting it in the most beautiful church in the whole country... It's a minor basilica and also a cathedral: Basilica Catedral Nuestra Senora de la Altagracia.

It was done during school hours, which means the whole school was present. The Basilica was full.

We were sitting on the second row, right behind Gaby and she was so nervous, it was cute.

On the first picture below, the girls are with Monsignor Nicanor... And on the middle picture, she is with her 5th Grade teacher...

Here is my mom with all her girls...
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Here are the instructions how to eat chicken... by Mimi.
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This is a BIG thing. As we don't live so close, my youngest nephew hardly ever sees my girls. Still he sees them some times. One thing that never happens is having my two nephews together.

My dad wanted to have all his grandkids together and he came to visit us.

The backyard is huge and they ran around like chickens without heads and had a blast!

We hope to be able to get them together more frequently! After all, there is NOTHING more important than the love of family!
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As part of my goals for weight loss and "health mama journey", I needed to adjust my water intake.

My main problem is not that I don't like to drink water... I actually prefer to drink water over any other liquid.  My actual problem is that I FORGET to drink water. I get thirsty and I simply won't move to get water. Call it laziness or call it craziness, but it takes me a while to actually get up and get water.

According to this calculator, I'm supposed to drink 120 ounces (15 glasses) of water per day. This is based on my weight, activity level and weather. I knew this was an important part of my weight loss journey and I needed to set a plan of action.

While at the grocery store, I saw some extremely inexpensive water bottles and I got an idea. I purchased  4 of these bottles with different colors. Each bottle holds 22 ounces of water. I will fill them out every night, and I needed to have them empty by the end of the day.  That alone was 88 ounces of water.

I was still missing 32 ounces of water. First, I would drink 8 ounces as soon as I'm up in the morning. My trainer recommended this to get my metabolism going.  The other 24 ounces missing, I would drink it sipping water while exercising at the gym.
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