Hubby got early from work for all of us to go to pick up Cara to the airport. We made it on time, but the girls were asleep on the car.... I went in to ask if they were coming out already, and the lady said that they were going to start going out in 10 more minutes... I went back to the car to update hubby and 3 minutes later I went back in... So, there SHE WAS!!! She actually got out in those 3 minutes!!!!!

We went to pick her up in my mom's car which has more capacity for suitcases, but it has mostly the same space on the front... The thing was to figure out how we were going to fit 3 adults and 3 kids with seats in my mom's MPV: Hunday Matrix .

I offered Cara to sit on the front while I squeezed in the back with the girls... Hubby took Gaby's booster seat from the back, and I seat with Gaby in my legs with the lap seat belt, while Mimi and Mia stood in their seats. I knew I was going to have a hard time understanding her Australian accent but I did just fine and hubby didnt had any trouble at all...

We got home (after we switched cars with my mom) as she wanted to freshened up a bit before going food shopping, which was our first "destination". As she is allergic to many things (including onion, celery, garlic, red pepper), so we knew we had to go food shopping together so we were able to get things that she can eat....
She unpacked a lot of things that she bring for the party, and she also was cute enough to bring the girls some Autralian things (with Koalas and Kangaroos)...
While we were unpacking, Mia gave some Oreos to Mimi. and she had her first taste of chocolate... She did the mess of the year, but she loved it!!! Then Mia was really upset because we didnt let her give her more!!!
We left and she insisted on squeezing herself in the back with the girls instead of me, and she had tons of fun!! She is not used to be around kids since a bit ago, but she love kids and she managed to survive!! We went food shopping and bought a lot of things....

It was late for us to go and cook, so we went to McD's to eat... Then we went back home, we got online for a few minutes on each computer, chat a bit, and went to sleep!! It's great to have her here!!
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