I was having the worst time with my eyes, and I went to the nurse office to ask her about some drops... She gave me some drops and I was kinda better, so I was relief.... Around 15 minutes later I was having the same problems to see... It was itching, painful, teary, and it was difficult to focus (especially to read or to use the computer)...

So, in my first day of work, I had to leave EARLY!!! I was embarrased, but there was nothing I could do about it!! I called my mom, and she offered to take me to her eye doctor. I can describe what I was feeling in my way over there... The sun was killing me, and even with the eyes closed I was having a hard time!!

When I got there (with my mom's help), the doctor checked me right away... After lots of tests and questions, we came to the conclusion that I rubbed my eyes with my hands dirty of sunblock and my eyes got BURNED!!! He literally told me that is a miracle that Im not blind!! He was also happy that my eyes pressure were fine too.

He prescribed me drops for hourly use, and when I told him that I had a party in my house tomorrow, he only said: "No, you wont... You will move that party for Sunday!!!"....

So, of course I was not going to move the party, but at least I went home, and rested my eyes... Cara and hubby left with the girls to do some errands for the party, and I got to sleep and to put my eyes every hour.

BTW, a FYI...... The eye doctor was really worried about what drops I used last night, and he asked me to never ever use drops without a doctor's Ok... So, please, dont do that!! Just last week a guy got blind for using on his eyes some drops that were prescribed to his baby daughter. The drops that were doing great for his daughter, actually made his eyes pressure to go up and he ended up BLIND!!
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Anonymous said...

eeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh muchacha Im glad you are ok !!!!!


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