I cant believe is March already!! Normally March only means hubby's birthday (which is a big thing anyway), but this year it means THREE big things!!!

1 - As I said: Hubby's birthday on the 29th
2 - Mia's birthday party which will be 2 weeks earlier of her actual birthday (also on the 29th)
3 - And the most important thing, my dearest friend Cara would stop being my online friend and will start being my IRL friend (In real life friend)!!!!!

We met in a board for Latino Families that I host, even though she has nothing to do with the Latino Heritage. She was hoping to be a "single mom by choice", and she is fascinated by the Latino Culture. We started talking over the messenger, and even though she doesnt frequent the board anymore, our friendship has grow and grow and grow more each day.

She lives in Western Australia, and having 13 hours of difference havent stop us from having a great relationship! She has been an angel for us, and I just cant imagine not having her in my life. She is coming on the 25th for 5.5 amazing days, and she will be staying at our house. Then, she will be gone to Cuba until the 6th, and she will stop by here for another night before leaving the Caribbean islands behind.

Hubby and the girls have become very close to her too, and they are all really excited, and I just cant wait!!!! (well, the "girls" means Gaby, which is the only one who actually understands).
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Anonymous said...

Yeah thats great i hope we can someday be IRL friends too !!! so she is wanting to be a single mom "by choice"????? Does that mean she wants to adopt?

Jessica said...


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: She will love a donor instead.

Jessica: Thanks!

Heather said...

So jealous and happy for you both!!! cant wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

Wowo you have a busy month! My DH birthday is the 25th. I have met alot of people off line before but mostly at chat partys. DH and and I used to go all the time before Alex came along now we just have playdates! (which is acually more fun)

nicole said...

You have been tagged.

You will find out what it means if you read my blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

Can't believe is March. My month is almost comingo too! LOL

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

OK I am tagging you now Anelys!! Take your time and go to my site if you are wondering about this.

Btw, I am happy that you are meeting your friend, I'll meet you in Jersey some day!


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