Mia has been sick for 9 days already... It is just too much!! She had a better night and she slept most of it. She was looking way better and she loved being back to school. Her teachers didnt let her be too active, but she was very happy.

I was trying to get a nebulizer, because I needed to go home... Im really enjoying the time Im spending with my grandfather while at my mom's house, but I NEED to be home. One of my uncles told me that he was going to find me one, so after we got out of the school, we headed my mom's house for Mia's injection with the nurse, and to see if my uncle got the nebulizer.

When my uncle got there he said: "I was around the medical supplies store, and they was giving nebulizers away, so I took one for you guys". Of course, that was his cute way to say that he bought it for us, and you guys have NO idea what this means to us. Not only that I will be able to go home and even nebulize Mia at school, but also the gesture of my uncle of buying it. He knows we are tight, and he knows how much it helps.

Here is our new nebulizer: Mabis MiniComp Compressor Nebulizer Kit:Photobucket
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Cindy said...

Wow, I hope she gets well soon. That's good that she is feeling a little better and got to go back to school. I know you are so glad to have a nebulizer for your house.

debbeblue said...

How glad I was tonight to read that you have a nebulizer at home. And what a sweet uncle. Those are the real gifts we get in this world!

I'm sorry I spoke in code. PT is physical therapy. Mainly tipping her gently on her side with her head a bit lower (marginally) and doing some gentle back pats to loosen the mucus in her lungs so she coughs and swallows it vs it rattling around (gross but true). Some people swear by it others say it doesn't matter much. So I'm NOT recommending it! Just saying what we did. It sounds as if you are doing a wonderful job taking care of her and it certainly seems like she is getting better. 9 days IS a long time but her illness is not the same as it was. It's getting better. I'm sorry too that you missed your important school meeting - but, as you say, you are putting your children first and that is the best lesson of all.
I'm going to keep checking in because I can't wait to read the post where you say she is doing terrific. Best to you and your family, Deb

The Garske's said...

Hope she gets to feeling better real soon!!

Heather said...

awww that is so sweet of him! Yeah for going home and glad the nurse can give the shot. Slowly but surely things are getting better. Hang in there !


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