Gaby had her follow up check up today. She still has some mild wheezing, but still there. The ped is not worried anymore, but she prescribed her some meds but stopped the nebulizations for now. She asked me to keep an eye on her and to keep her updated.
The last time she saw Gaby we talked about two concerns that I had about Gaby:
One: Gaby's feet look each other instead of facing forward (cant believe it took us so long to get on this... Gaby's old ped assured us that was going to solve by itself, and it kinda did by the time she was 2.... But, suddenly she is walking worse and worse.
Two: I have the feeling that Gaby crosses an eye. Sometimes I notice in the pictures, and the principal at school, told me that she has the feeling too...
The ped told me that she was going to walk us to an ortopedic doctor that was in the same floor, and also gave me a card for a very good children's eye doctor, who specializes in strabismus.
The ortopedic doctor asked several questions about her posture to sleep and sit down. He thinks Gaby's intoeing is severe, but he thinks that we can help her to solve this issue without using orthopedic shoes or braces. First, we cant let her sit in a W position, only in a yogga position. He also told me that she needs to sleep facing up (never facing down), and lasty, but most importantly he says that she needs to take BALLET classes until she is 15 years old. He wants me to enroll her at least 4 times a week during the first three months, and then to bring her in for a follow up and maybe lower it down to two times a week if there is improvement.
He also thinks that Gaby have some mild low muscle tone (or something for that matter as I cant remember for my life the medical term that he used).
I promise to update about this, and I also will be updating this post with a picture (or maybe even a video) of her walking.
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Heather said...

As you know Thais had to go to several special doctors for her legs and they told us many tips also. We worked on them and she is MUCH better now. I can tell you details later. Glad the breathing is better though..

Anonymous said...

Hey hun Im glad gaby is doing better now far as alking definitely get on that right away because my cousin had that and her parents never did anything and you have to take care of it with they are still growing. I know they can fix that if you do it now :) About her eyes......i had that since i was small and it still comes out in pics sometimes....i have a baby pic i will show you later but i dont think its anything major.....still talk to the ped though xoxoxoxoxoxox

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: Wasnt her problems in her legs??

Erica: I hope she starts walking better soon... As for the eyes, I did talked to the ped about it, and she sent me to an eye doctor... Have been trying to get an appt the whole day, but havent been able to as Im trying to find another dr. because the one that my ped recommended is not in the insurance.

CancunCanuck said...

Hey girl. Ballet is the best thing for turned in feet, it's the reason my folks put me in dance in the first place! I had had casts on my legs when I was born, and special shoes and braces and the whole shebang but it was the dance training that fixed me up.

And....I've got crossed eyes too, Gaby is following in my footsteps, lol. I got glasses when I was four years old to correct and still wear them to this day. She'd look cute in some little frames!

Good luck with all of it and hugs to Miss Gaby.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Kel: Weird, I just realized I never answered you... Finding the ballet classes (that doesnt cost an eye of the face and that is close to our work) has been PRETTY difficult... I did talked to a ballet teacher who told me that she can teach me a daily exercise that Gaby can do at home... When she teaches me, Im going to tell you what it is so you can tell me what you think....

As for the crossed eyes, I think she is worse today... I will take her in on Monday...


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