Here are the photos that I promised from Gaby's school party...Here is how everything looked:
Flower shape sandwiches with carrot dressing:
Grape and strawberry jello with whipped cream... On the left, you can see the tray with cheese (mozarella and gooda), ham and salty crackers.
The cupcakes...
The pop cakes... I wish I had a better photo of them, but I dont... I still have two pop cakes decorated at my mom's house, and I plan to take a cute photo of those for my website (to promote the tags):
Blowing her candles:

All the kids upstairs in front of their classroom.. Even I got to be in this photo..
Gaby with her homeroom teacher and two aides:
Updating the post with a closeup of the cake pops as I know the top photo is kinda messy... It is not a good photo, and they werent even that cute because I really had a hard time melting the candy melt, but here they are:
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2 Lovely comments :

Bridget said...

Wow! What a great party! Everything is so cute!

Samy said...

omg you did such a great job with her birthday bravo...:D everthing look delicioso.


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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