Mimi and Mia started preschool yesterday, and they are REALLY happy!! I have to confess than getting three little girls ready for school it is not an easy task... Pants and shirts needs to be ironed, and all the other accessories needs to be in one place to make it easier...

Mia and Mimi's school is a Catholic school and have very strict rules about uniforms and such. I attend a catholic school myself, so Im very aware that even the scrunchie needs to match to the T. So far, the most difficult task was to find a black pair of shoes for Mimi.. She is finally size 5 but still very small!

They were both very excited on their way to school and they talk the whole way there how much fun they were going to have with their new friends, how much they were going to color and so on... They even let me take a photo of them outside of school... You guys can tell the excitement on Mimi's face, and you could tell that Mia was annoyed as she wanted to get inside already!

I dropped Mimi first and she did cry for a bit, but by the time I dropped Mia only four classroom away, she had already calmed down... I think the key was that I dropped her off first...

Her classroom has a window and she was happily sitting down when I was leaving (of course, she didnt see me taking a peek).

Mia got there happily and was eager for me to leave... Funny thing is that she is a big mama's girl, but she loves school and she knew what to expect...

Im also very excited about making purple lunchboxes for all of them, and I even started a competition between them, and so far Mimi is the one winning (and yes, they are getting the exact same amount of snack, and Mimi is still the one eating more)...

Going a bit off topic, I mentioned yesterday about Gaby getting some kind of super powers at 6 years old... One of those powers is that for two days in a row she has been doing her homework by herself!!! Each day she has gotten 4 homeworks and have done them beautifuly!! Here she is doing homework at my mom's house (and yes, that hottie in the back is me when I graduated from high school.. LOL).
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Laly said...

Que bellas!!!!

Guzzie said...

they look so happpy!!!! :D


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