My monkey had an awesome day... She is still sick, and still only having electrolytes, but she is fine, and was very happy as the got TONS of calls... As today was a working day in the school, even though the kids were not there, several of the teachers from the school call her. also, two of my cousins called her, my mom, my dad and his wife, her godfather, and even hubby called her because she was still sleeping when he left.

I think I mentioned before about the doll that Gaby got for the Three Wise Kings and the controversy it has caused in this house. All 3 of them were fighting over that doll 24/7, even though they are TONS of other dolls in this house... 3 months later the fight has continued, except that Gaby already stepped out the fight, and said that she will give the doll away to any of them (she literally got sick of fighting over the doll)... So, my mom wanted to buy a gift for Camila and I suggested her to buy her an identical doll, so Mimi could take over the other one...

So, we went to my mom's house so she could give the doll to her. We also got dinner at my mom's house, and poor Mia puke it all... We decided to get her jello with 3 candles to sign Happy Birthday to her, as I didnt want her to eat cake. She was not in the mood for photos, but she was thrilled with the doll and ate all of her jello (I didnt throw up)... We made the mistake of forgetting the other doll at home, and Mimi fight for the doll until she fall asleep!! I wonder what's up with that doll!!!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTDAY MY SWEET LITTLE MONKEY!!! Mommy, Daddy and your sisters love you very much!!! It looks like it was yesterday when we bring you home weighting 4 pounds (you can read the story here), and now you are THREE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 6:18 PM 7 comments

7 Lovely comments :

Justi said...

Awww....happy birthday to her! Hope she has a fantastic day. Can't wait to see pics!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Camila! Hope she had an awesome birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day Princess!!!!

Heather said...

Happy birthday!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks girls!! She wasnt too happy about photos, but I will update the post now with a couple....

Audreee said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, pretty girl!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Happy Bday!!!! What a beautiful 3 yr old too! :o)


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