... from our bed that is!

Words cant express how happy I am about this. For one reason or the other, Camila always ended up sleeping with us since a few months ago... We kinda let her because we didnt want her screaming in her bed and waking Mimi up...

So, even if we knew it was going to be CHAOTIC, we took the decision and last night was her first night from the rest of her sleeping in her own bed... She cried, Mimi cried, and Gaby complained, but at the end, everybody settle down and she spent the whole night over there (even though I had to drag her back a few times)...

Way to go Camila!!!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:45 AM 5 comments

5 Lovely comments :

Audreee said...

Yay! Doesn't your bed feel so much bigger now? It's amazing how much space a little person can occupy.

Lizzi said...

WAY TO GO, CAMILA!!!!!!!! :)

Nathan and Stephanie said...

Yahoo! That's great :-)

Heather said...

It takes us about a week or two to get the kids to adjust sharing a room again, but its so worth it in the end. hang in there!

Cher said...

My son likes to fall asleep in our bed and then he is good for the night in his room.


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