As today is a working day for tons of places, my friend had a few stuff to do, as she is trying to rent long term one of the villas… We took the time to go around the town and get to know it a bit.. We also needed to pay rent today, so we had to stop by the bank to make the transfer because that is not something that I dont like to do in a cyber cafe… We also went to 2 stores, and got a few things that we needed.

Then, we came back to the villa to have lunch, and then we left to the local beach that is 5 minutes away… Her kids went with us, and it was an awesome time… The beach wasnt as clean, and there were little rocks and shells all over the sand, but the kids loved it... Especially Gaby since she now started a shell collection.

We were laughing so hard at Mimi, cause there was this kid (looked German, but we are not sure) that came to her and wanted to take her sand toys away… She fought for her toys, and didn’t let him. She started saying very firmly: “No, Kid, No!” and then “Kid, go away”. Mia and Mimi would have come to me or hubby to tell them what was going on, but not Mimi.. She defended herself!!! And the kid was older than her…

Here is hubby and the girls in the car while I was in the bank:

Here is Kimberly, Mia and Cristian:

Mimi drinking soda:

Gaby and Cristian with a castle they made:

Gaby and Mia in the sand:

Hubby and Mia in the water:

The girls:

Mimi running around:

Hubby and the girls getting out of the water:

Gaby wrote her name on the sand:

Mimi playing with the shells that hubby and Gaby got from the water:

Mimi running... I LOVE how she moves her arms when she runs:

Time to get dry:

After we got dressed, and the beach was mostly empty, we started playing volley.. The girls were running around us, and the two older kids, hubby and me had a blast playing… It was around 7:30pm when we decided to head back to the villa. We had dinner, and then we went for an hour to a cyber cafĂ©… My friend’s daughter was checking her email, I was doing the same, and hubby and my friend’s son were getting online with the kid’s PSP. Mia and Gaby felt asleep while we were there, and then we headed back to the villa…

Hubby and I stayed up until very late just talking.. It was fun!
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4 Lovely comments :

Adrians Mama said...

The girls are adorable as usual and I am sooooooo jealous of the beach! I want to go soo bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great time.....MIMI and FIFI are like twins...>FIFI always defends her toys and herself with big kids .l...she is a fighter...LOL!

Heather said...

Great day!!! The true beach life!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Meg: Thanks!! and you are welcome to come anytime.

Erica: I totally picture Fifi being a fighter with that sweet inocent face!!

H: Yes, it was!!


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