We lost power which is something that happens now and then, and I called to make a report. They asked me: "Is it only you or the whole area?", I answered: "I havent knock on the neighbors door, but I assume is the whole area". A couple of hours later, I realized there is no loud generators on around the neighborhood, so we decided to go out and make sure it was the whole neighboorhood that was out. To our surprise, we were the only ones without electricity. The guard checked our medidor and everything seemed normal, and we were not due for suspension. When I call the electricity company, they say that it was too late for "individual" reports and that I had to wait until the morning. The guys that works with the neighborhood works 24/7, but not the ones that solves individual problems...

Needless to say, we packed everything and off to my mom we went! The girls were happy to go back to my mom's, and hubby and I were just happy to have electricity!! Here is a picture of Gaby ready to leave to my mom's house with her beautiful necklace that she made at camp (As hubby is on vacations too, they are not in Summer Camp as hubby is staying home with them, but when he has to work outside the house to fix a computer or something like that, he has taken them to a Summer Camp close to the house).
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Heather said...

At least you have a place to go when you dont have electricity, be thankful for that.


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

H: Im thankful, even though it is really stressfull to pack everybody for just one night... I know you love your packing girl, but I DONT!!

My3Ro's said...

Wow your girls are growing so fast. Gaby is gorgeous. You are going to have to beat the boys with sticks to keep them away. I am so glad you had a place to go when the electicity went out. I know you hate packing but consider it a mini vacation.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Sus: Yes, I bet I would be kicking some boys!!


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