Nine years ago was my High School Prom. I look back and I still cant believe that 9 years have passed already. 128 people gratuated with me, and most of us grew up together and were in the school since Preschool, and I can name them all by first, middle and last name. Of course, I cant do it by heart anymore, but if I look at picture I can tell who is each one of them. I have over 60 of them on the Messenger, and also in Hi5 or Facebook, and it's really nice to be able to catch up even if is just online.... Some of them have kids, some of them have not... Some of them are living overseas, and some of them are still in town...

I was looking some pictures from the ones that we gathered for the Yearbook, and it bring me such great memories (the one on the right is my Prom Picture)... I have tons of others that were never scanned, and I will be trying to find those and probably posting them next year for our 10th Anniversary.

Anyway, here are just a few pictures where you can see me... The first one is not in school but is the baby picture that I send for the Yearbook:
This one is my school picture from K....
I think this one is from 6th grade... It was on the "End of the year" trip... Im with Angie, and we still keep in touch.
This picture is from 6th or 7th grade... Im with my "first love" Marco (who I still keep in touch with) and my a friend that we agree to follow different paths in life since almost 2 years ago:
This picture is probably from 8th grade... Im the one with the red shirt (if you cant tell who I am).... From those on the picture, I only keep contact with three. The one that is right next to me, Sonia, works in the Hospital where I gave birth to Mia and Mimi and she went to Gaby's third birtday in 2006....
This one was from a school trip... This was on my Freshman or Sophomore year... In the one with the blue shirt... The one of the left with the green shirt, came to Gaby's birthday party last year, and to Mia's party in March, and has now moved in the same building that my mom lives... The one that is next to her just had a baby and lives in the states with her highschool sweetheart, and the one on the bottom left is Angie, the same one from the pool picture from 6th grande (with the other 2 I have hardly have spoke since we graduated).
This one is from the same trip (the one laying down is Ana's hubby from the previous picture, and I keep contact with all the others except for two).
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Flower said...

Hi Anelys!

I have no problem with you visiting my blog. Maybe it will help me be better at posting (insert blushing face here)! LOL!

Yes, my kids do have hispanic in them. Even though my husband and I are American born, are parents are Cuban and we always answer that we are Cuban. My husband's dad is Anglo with Irish decent(sp?)

So, nice to meet you. I will be visiting your blog as well. Your life sounds as hectic as mine. I only have 2 kids, but my husband travels 6 months of the year.


The Garske's said...

It is hard to believe!! I hit my 10 year reunion this year! Crazy!!

Anonymous said...


Wow, your life sounds crazy like mine! My last name is flowers, so hence the name Moments with the Flowers.

As you seen we added another flower 3 weeks ago and I have been really bad about post since then.=(

I am new to the blog thing, so still have not figured out all the fun stuff!! Looks like I could get some pointers from you!!! LOL!

Keep in Touch!!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Flower: I promise to keep stopping by.... I dont promise daily visits, but I will visit severa times a week... I answered more in your own blog!!

Aimee: Yes, it is crazy!!

Rebekah: Our last name is Flowers too, but in Spanish... So, I named my business 3 Little Flowers, hence my name....

I will add you to my blog roll... I have to find out in which category you fit (with the ages of your kids, which one is closer to one of mine).... LOL

Anonymous said...

That's Cool! My oldest is 4 almost 5 and the second one is 2. They are handful! But I love every moment of the drama!! =)

Heather said...

I love all the old pixs and its amazing how much easier it is to keep in touch with the internet. But can you please the pix from your other website, the one with the hair that had me crying a few months ago??????? im jk, you dont have it. just thinking about it, i am laughing already, lol! love you girl!!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Rebekah: I will be adding your oldest as my oldest friend... She will be 5 in October...

H: Posted already!! Just for you!!!

Adrians Mama said...

Awww i love this post i may have to copy it someday and post old pics of myself on my blog! What a good idea and especially since my 10 year high school reunion is this year! Great pics!!

Bridget said...

Those pics are great!

My3Ro's said...

Great pics sis. I love them It is amazing to see how much you changed. You are beautiful

Kami said...

I iwsh I only had ascanner to post pictures of me from those years, even if on my myspace just to see my changes through the years....and I didn't realize you graduated the same year as me, in September my classmates will start planning our 10th reunion, and believe it or not, I speak to more of them now than in school...I was easy to pick on but let it go in one ear and out the other.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

Wow Anelys those pictures of when your were young looks like Gabby! Even the ones when you were in middle school age you can see what Gabby will look like in about 7 years. I love looking back on old times too.

Anonymous said...

awwwwww you look so pretty in all your pics!!!!!! and Gaby is like your twin in the kindergarten pic!!!!

Heather said...

Thanks for reposting that pix! It is so my favorite ever, lol!


Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Meg: Will be waiting to see it!!

Bridget & Sus: Thanks! :)

Kami: I totally know what you mean!

Erica & Gentri: I agree that she looks a lot like me, but you guys wont believe how much she looks like my sister in law when she was a kid... It's amazing how much she can look like both, when my SIL and me dont look alike!

H: LOL... I know you love it!


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