Mimi has been trying to hold her bottle since she was a newborn.... Of course, she wasnt able to, but she was always trying to hold the bottle or my breasts!!! Lately she has been more persistent, but I just didnt wanted to try because I wanted to spend feeding times with her, and I knew I was going to let her hold the bottle because "I was busy finishing something".

Today, Mimi and Mia coordinate to poop at the same time. Mimi cant stand being poop and Mia was already complaining. So, I changed Mimi's diaper and she started crying for milk like if she was without food for 3 days!! Then, Mia starts screaming too, because the needed a diaper change.

There were two crying babies, that needed immediate attention, and just one ME (it will be so easy if I were able to become two moms, right?). So, I put the boppy inside of the crib, put Mimi there, give her the bottle and then I positioned her hands to hold the bottle, and I ran to change Mia's diaper. My intention was to keep her entertained at least with the nipple, while I was done with Mia, because I knew the bottle was going to be too heavy for her.
I noticed that she wasn’t crying or even complaining, so I came back with “clean” Mia and here is what I found! She didn’t drop the bottle, and she actually finished the 8 ounces by herself!!! Kudos to Mimi!!!
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Erica said...

Yeah congrats to MIMI what a big girl !!!! FIFI tries at 4 months now but she is still crazy with her arm and hand control ...LOL


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