For a mother, their kids are the most beautiful creatures around. Im not exception. My girls are truly beautiful, and there is no one single thing that I will change about them. It's so funny how people say that one of the girls is just like me, but others say that she looks just like hubby. I had been told that each girl looks like me, and hubby have been told that each girl look like him, each by different people.

What do I think? I think that Gaby used to look exactly how I looked when I was a baby, but now she is looking everyday more like my sister in law. I think that Mia looks just like hubby as an adult (not at all as when he was a baby), and that she looks just like my mother in law. She also has her fingers and nails, exactly as my mom's. Then Mimi, looks just like Gaby. Not Gaby when she was a baby, but like Gaby now. She also has my father in law's air.

The thing is that is doesnt matter who they look like, they are the perfect blending between a woman and a men that decided to have a family together. We sometimes joke about how my nephew-godson got my grandpa's blue eyes, but my girls didnt. Then I think: They wont look like us if they have blue eyes. Hubby's eyes are pretty dark, and my eyes are kinda light, but still brown.

When Mimi was born her eyes were gray... dark gray. For days her eyes had a dark blue tone, other days they were more like gray or even hazel, and some other days they were so dark that like looked like black.

Either one color or the other, I love her eyes!! They are SOO big and so beautiful, that I cant help but to stare at them. Today, she was playing her her mouth, making sounds, and I can help but to look at eyes. This video shows so much her personality, and her face expressions are priceless!

Best thing of the day: Hubby was cutting the grass and the girls got to spend time outside playing with the neighbor kids that were playing ball in front of our house. I stayed here, working on a card, and listening to their laughs made my day
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Mama Lacuache said...

ali tried gettin amelia ills end u the pics to the email it was tooooo cute

nicole said...

She is soooo cute and her eyes just beautiful.


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