The diapers got here a few days ago, but it was today when we were able to pick them up. We are sooo happy. We stopped by my mom's house and we tried them over there. Of course, Gaby wanted to try one too, even though they hardly fit on her. I was suppose to take a few pictures and then to take them off (because I wanted to wash them first) but I remembered that I was expecting an urgent email and told hubby to take them off while I was checking my email. I got a little stuck and it took me around 20-30 minutes to go back to the room. Hubby forget to take the diapers off, and when we started taking them off we realized that they BOTH peep, and that Mimi also did poopy!! We didnt even notice from the outside!! They werent bigger or anything because of the pee. We also touch Mia's (not Mimi's because it was poopy) from the inside and they were dry, so the girls couldnt feel the pee either (which was my major concern with cloth diapers).

We are so happy!! They are kinda bulky, but I dont care with Mimi because her cloth is loose. But, in Mia's case, I will keep researching for a less bulky diaper for those cloths with perfect fit.
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Anonymous said...

OMG i cant believe Mimi is standing by herself when she holds the crib ....what a big girl!

EthansMommy said...

Hi this is Ceci from Babycenter. I love your blog! It will be interesting to read what life is like with 3. I use cloth diapers part time and love how cute they are. The bulkiness is the only part I don't like.

The Neally Family said...

Got your link from babycenter. I also have those diapers and I love them. You made a good choice! The color scheme for your blog is really nice.

Melissa said...

Cute Bumss.. Ha ha! I give those of you who use cloth lots of kuddos!! And they are cute to boot!

My3Ro's said...

Sooo cute.

Jennifer said...

How are you liking the cloth diapers? Which ones do you like best, the bG or the fuzzibunz? I am asking because I am really thinking about going to cloth diapers as well. Even though the first investment is crazy, when you look at the price of diapers, then it is much cheaper, you are right.

I am really leaning for the bG for all of mine, and any future kids that I may have. Do you have the all in ones, or the pocket ones?

I know you are sick too, and I hope that you feel better soon.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I promise I wll make a new post about this in a day or two.... You are the 4th that asks me in the last 7 days!!


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