After her long vacations it was time to go back to school. I love first days, because she does everything fast and happy. There is no whining "I dont want to wake up", or "I dont want to get change". She was actually ready first than hubby!!

It's incredible how much a kid can grow in 3 weeks. When I was getting her pants on, they WERE SHORT!! I mean, they were perfectly fine 3 weeks ago, and now they are too short for her. So, I had to let out the hem, and of course, now they are too long, but I didnt had time to raise the hem again.

Here is she when she was going out of the door (while hubby was in the car telling me: Im late and you are taking pictures????... LOL). ---- And yes, that is a long sleeve shirt under her school shirt because is still cold, especially at that time in the morning, plus her school is in a big hill and it's cooler there---

While I was getting Gaby ready I had to put Mimi in the swing. The original cover of the swing is under an "OxiClean treatment" so it has a temporary cover that doesnt allow us to put the belts... Also, I didnt turn it on because it was after her milk, and I dont like to "swing" her after eating.... So, here is what happens when a baby fall asleep in a swing with belts and turned off:

Cutest thing of the day: One of Gaby's favorite movies is Lion King. She started watching it and a bit later she started calling me. When I go there, I noticed that the chapter where Simba's dad dies just started... She looked at me and says with this sad face: "Could you fast forward that part because I dont want to see Simba's daddy dying?" (My poor thing).
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