I still cant believe that she is actually 8 months old. Her adjusted age is 6 1/2 months but I think her development is right of track for her actual age. She is standing up, "walking" while holding up to something, doing army crawling, clapping, and saying Papa all day long (still no news on Mama!!). Im so proud of her. I cant wait to take her to her check up to see how much she weights, and how big she is.

Happy 8 months old to you!!!!!
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gssettle said...

Hi Anelys! I finally made it over here. Great job with the blog to. Very cute. Happy 8 months Mimi, Cooper will be on Saturday the 26th. It is going way to fast! Cooper climbed to stairs the other day by himself(Tim was right behind him). My MIL Bday is on Sunday as well, so if I miss telling you later Happy Birthday! Ok better go. Have a beautiful day down there! Gentri

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Gentri: Yaaay!! Im happy that you were able to stop by!! And wow!! climbing the stairs? Such a big boy!!! and Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! :)

gssettle said...

Hi Anelys I finally made it over here. Very cute blog you got here! Happy 8months Mimi! Cooper will be joining you on Saturday. It is going way to fast. Cooper climbed the stairs the other day by himself(with Tim right behind him of course). He was so proud of himself. My MIL Bday is on Sunday too. Happy earily if I forget to post it on Sunday(I'll try hard not to forget!)Better go, have a beautiful day down there in the 80's we have been stuck in the teens here for the last couple of weeks. Take care, Gentri

Anonymous said...

Happy 8 month bday !!!

nicole said...

Happy 8 months cutie!

EthansMommy said...

Happy 8 Months Mimi! What a beautiful picture! She is gorgeous!


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