It doesnt matter how much I dreamed about having my baby boy named "Sebastian"; I can’t deny that I love being the mom of three girls. I love that they can have the same toys, decorations, and even share a room.

My parents got divorced when I was 2 and half years old and my brother was 4 and half. My dad soon got married again, and got two more kids: Two boys. I grew up close to my half brothers, and never felt different about them: they were my brothers too. So, I was the only girl of four kids. I begged my dad for a sister, but he always said no. My mom never re-married, so there were no hopes there….

One of the things that I love about having all girls is dreaming about them becoming inseparables, becoming best friends, becoming REAL sisters.

Mimi started sitting down with confidence a couple of weeks ago, and as we have ceramic floors, Im not in a hurry on letting her be on the floor. As we are rearranging the playroom, we set up a corner with foam titles and for the first time, Mia and Mimi sat down to play! My heart was melting just seeing Mimi’s happy face with each of the crazy things that Mia does. Of course, Mia is on the “yours is mine and mine is mine”, but we had lots of fun.

Here is one picture and two little videos. One of the videos shows Mimi trying to crawl… She is almost getting there; I wish she could be on the floor more often!!

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2 Lovely comments :

Adrians Mama said...

I just LOVE your videos of your girls!! I love watching them! TOo cute!

My3Ro's said...

It seems just like yesterday Mimi was born. I cannot believe how big they are you know I have baby fever and these videos give it to me more. My dil is gorgeous and so is mimi. Love ya sis


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