She behaved good at home today.... This has a lot to do with Mia waking up at 11am, so she had nobody to tease her the whole morning.

Hubby talked to the principal and she is willing to give Gaby another chance. She will be allowed to stay over school hours with hubby, but she has to behave. If she does something like this again, we know it can be fatal for her.

We really dont want to be in the need to pay for transportation because we think is ridiculously expensive especially since we live 7 minutes away from school. Also, I cant stay with the car to pick her up because it will mean that we will have to take them to school (and with we I mean Mia, Mimi and me), and then we will all have to pick Gaby up, come back, and then go back again to pick hubby up.

Thank you for all the comments and emails offering your support. You guys are great! Let's just trust and hope that Gaby is going to behave!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 2:11 AM 5 comments

5 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

Im super happy to hear this ...lets just pray she is a good girl!

nicole said...

I feel for you, it must be in the air that the kids are getting in trouble at the school, my two are the same right now, too, and usually they are doing fine.

Hopefully it's going fine again at school.

My3Ro's said...

Hoping she will be a good girl for you guys. They have personalities huh? Love ya sis let us know what is up!

Samy said...

wow i'm sorry Anelys that your having this kind of problems with little Gaby, i hope things get better for you and your family

Tara said...

I'll pray for you. I hope the week goes well.


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