Today we didnt do much.... I was SUPER SICK!! My fever last night was sky rocket, and it was as high as 41.5C/106F (had to substract a bit bc it was an underarm reading... it was 42C/107F). I was already disoriented, and I was hallucinating. It was weird, and I really dont even want to think about it.

My friend Heather told me that I could have brain damage, and Medline Plus, too. I will be trying to get a Cranial CT Scan, but I will be calling my OB to see what he thinks.

On a good note, my mom took Gaby and me "shoe shopping". Gaby outgrow her school shoes, and my SIL bought her a new one. Those shoes are on its way from Jersey to over here, but Gaby needed sneakers for tomorrow, so my mom offered herself to buy a new pair for Gaby. School sneakers most be white, but we got this beautiful brown/pink Barbie sneakers, and she will use that while the ones my SIL bought get here. Then, Gaby will use her brown sneakers for other places (not school). And OF COURSE, my mom cant go to the store and buy something for Gaby, and forget about Mia.... So, she got her a pretty cute pair of sneakers, and Mia got all excited when we showed them to her... She made me try them on right away!!!
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Anonymous said...

OMG girlyou need to go to the hospital ....1 week after fifi was born i had 104 and they said i could have died .....but i had a really bad infection in the uterus!!! Either way i am the doctor asap !


We buy most of the things online, so I have wishlists to have in one place everything that we are planning (or at least hoping) to buy.

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