Warning: This post is about something that happened in my house today, but it's kinda nasty. Dont read it if you are too sensitive.

I most confess there was nothing funny about my morning. I was feeling way better, but Mimi and Mia decided it was time to make a "poopy party". They both have the bad habit of taking their diapers off, but this has never been as bad as today.

Mimi was playing in her crib, and I was hearing how happy she was over the monitor. The time was passing and she was so happy that I decided to go and check on her. When I started walking down the hall, I notice there was a huge poopy smell, and I started thinking that probably Mimi took her diaper off, but I never imagined, I was going to find what I found!! Mimi was naked and full of poppy!!! She has poopy in her arm, chest, tummy, back, legs, hair, everywhere!!!! The boppy was full of poppy, all the toys, the crib bars, the sheet, everything!! The cleanest thing in the crib was THE INSIDE OF THE DIAPER!!! The outside of the diaper was as dirty as everything else, but the inside was mighty clean, which means that she actually poop without the diaper on.

If you are asking yourself if you are going to see pictures of this, the answer is no, you wont. I normally take pictures of everything, but this time I was seriously scared that Mimi could have swallowed some poop, that I just pick her up and bathe her. After I bathe her and get her with clean cloth, I put her on the floor, while I was trying to clean the mess. I took everything to the washer machine (boppy included), and clean the crib bars, mattress, wall next to it, with chlorine.

After everything was clean, I pick Mimi up to put her on the swing in the playroom. When I get in there, I smelled poopy too. I though I didnt clean her well, when I notice that Mia didnt had her pants or diaper on. Needless to say, I look to the left to find that Mia pilled up a bunch of BOOKS and actually poop AND peep on top of them!!! Apparently she didnt want to do it on the floor, so she took the books to do it. Of course, I cant throw the books to the washer machine, so they are gone!

Why is it that pants and diapers dont come with a safety lock with combination????
Posted by Anelys Perez On 8:06 PM 2 comments

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Jennifer said...

Poopy Parties!! YEAH!!! ALways tons of fun. I have had tons of poopy parties at my house. The best way to stop - or slow down - the occurance of poopy parties is onsies. It makes it more difficult to take the diaper off. Not impossible, but more difficult. If I never have another poopy party, it will be to soon, LOL.

Anonymous said...

OMG you poor thing I can only imgaine......Fifi tries taking her diapers off all the time!!!!


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