I have gotten so many compliments about my Valentine's Card that I think is fair that you guys know they REAL story behind it....

First: The solo pictures....
When Gaby was 2 years old my sister in law got her this beautiful Valentine's Dress:
Take a closer look at look at the size: 3T...
Mimi is size 6-9 months, Mia is size 18 or 24 months and Gaby is 5T... So, who got to wear the dress this year: ALL OF THEM!! Yes, we are not talking about the same dress in different sizes, Im talking about the same dress in size 3T.

Take a look at this picture of Mimi....
Pretty cute, uh? Now.... take a closer look:
With Mia you cant tell much because it almost fits her but take a look at her sleeves:
Now Gaby.... She is size 5T, and here she is in a size 3T dress:
Now, take a closer look:
So, now that I mentioned it, you guys can notice it in the solo pictures:
Now, the group picture.... I had to laugh at Heather comment of: "Congratulations on getting your picture"....
I was looking at white shirts for the girls to wear, but Mimi was getting desperate so I just put her the first thing I found: A pink shirt... So this is the picture that I used:
You can notice that I changed the shirt color and that the online face and body that stood in the picture was Gaby... Then, I put Mimi's face from this picture:
I was going to leave Mia like that, because that is what I normally get in a group picture... But, then I remembered that she wasnt looking in Christmas Cards, so I went back to that picture and bring part of her body and her face. She is not smilling and have a ball in her mouth (yes, a chocking hazard, bad mommy! I swear I took it away after the pictures, but it was the only way to keep her there), but at least she is looking.

And this is the final result:
Shots? It took me 12 shots to get Mimi's solo picture, 19 to get Mia's solo picture, 10 to get Gaby's solo picture, and 6 to get the group pictures.
Time of shooting: 2 and half hours, with a 15 minutes break of this:
The bows the girls are wearing are from the ones that we gave away to the little girls that came to Gaby's birthday party in November.
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6 Lovely comments :

chuipi said...

Girl! You are nuts, crazy and horribly good with Photoshop!! LOL about the 3T for 3 different girls

Tyler and Becky Rider said...

You have such beautiful girls and they all look adoreable in that dress. You are also a great photographer. I wish I good take some that came out that good. SO cute

Anonymous said...

wow i had no idea it took so much work ....then again i can hardly get pics of FIFI..all the good ones are only by accident!

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

Yep, I love your card too. I sooo want photo shop now. I am hoping that dh will get it for me for Valentines! Yeah right!

Heather said...

Im jealous you got photoshop and can cut and change your photos. But the result is great and thats all that matters.
good job!!!

malisa said...

Your girls are beautiful!


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