Disappointed, sad, I dont even know what to call what I feel... Actually what WE feel (Im including hubby in that statement). Some of you may remember how proud I was of Gaby when I received her evaluation last month. It was great, and I remember how the teacher couldnt stop saying how well she was behaving. Also, the day that we went to the Botanical Garden, they told me that she was a bit "jumpy" but that everything was fine.

A few days later I received a note that says that Gaby has been refusing to work in class, and that she has been staying without going to the playground because she have been staying to do her work. We talked with Gaby, and she said that she was going to make her work when she is told and she promise that she was going to behave, but this Monday, hubby comes home telling me that Gaby screamed to the teacher's aid, and that they told him that she is behaving pretty bad. We talked to her again, and she said that she apologized to her and that she was not going to do it again. At the next day, we had the playdate with my cousins, and even though hubby told me that she behaved bad at school again, we took her because it wasnt fair to punish Mia and it was a one-time oportunity to get together with my two cousins at the same time. So, we talked to her and told her that we are taking her JUST because she promised she was going to behave better.

The window that is right next to me while Im here is on top of the garage, so when hubby gets here, he calls me in a low voice and asks if somebody is sleeping. Not today. He just said: "Come down that I need to tell you something". By the tone of his voice, I knew it was something huge, and I honestly thought he was going to tell me that he crashed the car (yes, that bad was his tone). Ten thousand things went through to my mind in those seconds that it took me to go down the stairs.

He was red, teary eyed, and I could tell his heart was pumping pretty fast. Today Gaby crossed the lines, and she couldnt choose a better person to do it that with one of hubby's BOSS!!!! Gaby stays with hubby after class while his working hours are over. She was on the hallway making too much noise and the Elementary Principal told her to low her voice. Gaby refused to it and the principal told her just to go with hubby. She again refused to it and was screaming to the principal, and kept going like nobody was talking to her. Next thing hubby receives AN URGENT phone call saying that he needs to go downstairs to the principal! He thought something big happened to a computer and he run. He listens to what Gaby did accompanied to all her screaming and even KICKING the principal when she tried to get her inside the office.

Hubby was upset, but NOTHING compared with how upset was the principal. Hubby says that he has never seen her so upset (which is a big thing to say of an Elementary Principal who has to deal with so many things from kids), and she is prohibing Gaby to stay after school anymore. They tried to keep talking about it, but Gaby wasnt even listening to hubby and embarrasing him more, so they decided it was better to keep the conversation tomorrow.

Hubby and I have no idea how we are going to get Gaby home from school earlier, because the school transportation costs US$1300 and we cant afford that. In the meantime, Gaby wont be going back to school the rest of the week, and we have no idea what we are going to do. Hubby just hope this doesnt gets him in trouble, and if Gaby's behavior continues we will have to take her out of the school, because hubby cant risk his job.
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Anonymous said...

OMG hun i am just in total shock right now...I am soooo sorry that you are going through this ..let me know if you need anything

My3Ro's said...

I am so sorry Gaby is acting out like this of all times at the wrong person. I hope you guys can figure something out and I know you will. I send my love to you right now.

Kari-Anne said...

I am so sorry you are going through this and I feel so bad for both you and your husband .
I have some great tips that work for some of the children that I have worked with . If you are interested or just need some help with a plan just send me a e-mail . Give your husband a big hug from me and tell him that I am sure the principal will not judge his work on how a 4 year old is acting :o)

Chuipi said...

Sorry to hear this. Hope things stay calmed with no more problems at school.


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