As she already let me see her, now she wont stop walking!! It is amazing, how every kid will learn to walk so differently... I think the personality, body complexion, gross motor skills, and maturity, plays an important role on this.

Gaby walked when she was 9+ months old almost 10. She had this clumsy walking, and she was falling down a lot!! She used to open her legs wide open, and she had "middle ground frustation (she will get upset sometimes, and some others she will be persistent).

Then it was Mia... She was pushing around toys, chairs, tables, everything at 7 or 8 months old, and we thought she was going to walk as early as Gaby, but it took her until she was 13+ months old to figure out that she didnt need "something" to push in order to walk. She was confident, but easily frustrated with falls. She never did the "bull" looking walking.... her legs were straight, and she was running right away.

Mimi started walking at 10+ months almost 11. She has strong steps, and she will do all the balancing possible not to fall... It is so funny how she will keep giving steps even if she lose balance and her butt is about to touch the floor... She will keep walking and then put her body straight again without using any help to pull herself up. She is very confident, and she doesnt care if she falls... She will simply get up and keep walking like nothing happened!
Posted by Anelys Perez On 7:02 AM 3 comments

3 Lovely comments :

Erica said...

so i guess its REALLY true all babies are different even ones that are sisters!!!!

Jay said...

thats cute how you have all the different types of walking that a baby does

The Garske's said...

It is so true!! I love watching them wabble before they fall! Madisynn has not mastered standing up on her own yet though!! You girls all looked so different at that age too! So cute!!


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