As we live in a Spanish speaking community, our main concern is to make the girls to learn English. We know the Spanish will be there, but we need to work on the English. So, we have done everything in our hands to only have all of our books, DVD’s, music and toys in English.

Gaby and Mia are both in bilingual schools, but Mia wont be taking classes in English until she is 3 years old, so she has been learning lots of Spanish songs… Also, there is a Kids Interactive Show in our way to school on the radio, where kids get to call and ask for songs, and we have been listening to that program everyday.

As a result of that, I have been playing some songs in Spanish for the girls, and they are loving them… They mostly listening to them in youtube, while I work, and honestly it feels weird when I work without that music in the background.

Here are the girls favorite ones... Play them even if you dont speak Spanish... I promise your kids will love them!!

CUCU, CANTABA LA RANA (It talks about a frog that sings Coo-Coo...).

PIMPON (It talks about a male doll made of cardbox)

LA GALLINA TURULECA (About a crazy chicken that is too skinny because she doesnt like to eat, and has her eggs in the living room, and never where she is suppose to).

SUZANITA TIENE UN RATON (A little girl who owns a mouse.... He sleeps right next to the heater with the pillow in the feet, and dreams about being a chess player)

LOS POLLITOS DICEN (It says that the chicks say Pio Pio Pio, when they are hungry, when they are cold, and explain everything their mom does for them)

A LA RUEDA RUEDA (It's about going round and round in circles)

SAMI EL HELADERO (It's a about the Pinguin who sell ice creams made with water and laugh, and sometimes with milk, nuts and wind).

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4 Lovely comments :

nicole said...

Those are so cute, but I have no clue what they say.

Now I have to see if I find some in German.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Nicole: I edited the post and tried to explain what are the songs about... :)

nicole said...

You are so sweet, Anelys.

I found some german cartoons I have to show my girls tomorrow. Thanks for the idea.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Nicole: That is awesome!!! Probably you can share them in your blog, so we can all listen to them!!! :)


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