Camila was just a few months after turning 4 the last time that I posted. Now, she is 5.5 years old and it is amazing the change in her aspect and behavior. I have let her hair grown, and that gives her an older look. Her face looks all grown, and she is now taller and skinier, instead of short and chubby. She is 50 pounds and 44 inches tall (3' 8 1/2"). That is 83rd percentile for weight and 57th percentile for height according to her age.

She's my little model and diva. She loves posing at the camera and it is amazing how much the camera adores her. Regardless if she is crying, smiling, not looking, upset, she would still look gorgeous. When I want a picture of her, I normally take 2 or 3 pictures to get a nice shot, sometimes only 1 picture is enough.

She also got to experience some time in Ecuador like Mimi and it helped her to tone it down with her "mommy's separation anxiety issue". However, she's still very much a mommy's girl and she would do ANYTHING just to be by my side. She's still the most sensitive little girl in the world, and strong words will hurt her like if somebody had spanked her. She's super funny and caring, and it is amazing the ability she has of making people smile even in their worst day.

She loves fixing her hair, as well as everybody's hair. She have had a thing for this since she was a baby. The best game for her would be a room full of dolls, with cribs, bibs, diapers, bottles and of course, hair accessories to fix their hair. She keeps asking for a little brother or sister... Like non-stop! LOL.

She loves dancing too, and she is Shakira's number 1 fan. She would sing some of her songs, and she wants to dance just like her. Actually all three of them have a thing for Shakira, but Camila shows it more.

Just like Mimi, she also started the school year in Abril while she was in Ecuador, and officially at the end of August here. She is in Kinder and I cant believe that very soon she will be finishing preschool. Her favorite color is YELLOW, and everything that matches (like orange and red).

Here is Camila modelling for Baby Time, then one day trying to fix her hair (she does it as good as a 12 years old girl already), and then at Ariel's Pirate birthday party:

Here she is at our Annual Family Reunion, then at the airplane on her way to Ecuador and then on a bus while in Ecuador:

Here she is with her face painted at a park, then the day she visit for the first time the school she was in Ecuador, and then on her 5th birthday:

Here she is with a plush dog she got the day she got her Ecuadorian papers while I was there, then being all sassy at home, and then with my friend Perla doing what she was doing....

Here she is with her big lollypop she got on Father's Day at my dad's house and the last one is outside of her school's playground: All ready for Kinder!
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2 Lovely comments :

Heather said...

Wow they are growing so fast. Her and Thais would be best friends, total diva and fashion princesses lol! Love all the updates, thanks! Miss ya!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks for stopping by Heather. I always have had that impression about Thais and Camila... When I see pictures of Thais, I always think of Camila... LOL... Miss you too!!


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