I have never been a big fan of celebrating my birthday.  However, last year when I turned 30, one of my bff's made a very nice dinner with my closest friends and it was awesome.  It was at her house and she even invited some of my friends that she didn't know (until that night) and it made me realize something... I have friends that doesn't know each other, which means that if I do something with my friends from school, I won't have my friends from work there... Or, if I go out with my cousins, I wont have friends with me...

This never crossed my mind before but after this day, it made me think that it is fun to have mixed group of friends together.  I realized that celebrating MY birthday was the perfect way to spend time with all my friends at the same time.  I decided that I was going to start celebrating my birthday every year and when my 31st birthday was close, I started putting together a mini party at my house.

I decided to have a party at my house, and it was for adults only.  Bedtime was at 7:30pm and I planned the party for 8pm.  All three felt asleep right away, however Mia woke up as soon as she heard the people's voices.  She said hello to the people that were already there and even asked for pictures to be able to tell her sisters that "she was at mommy's party" (hence why there is a picture with her at the beginning of the post).

I did a very simple invitation (fake details for posting purposes) and mostly all the people that were close to me were with me.  We had tacos for dinner and everybody ate like there was no tomorrow!! We had music, drinks, chatting and so many laughs!!

It was very inexpensive and we had so much fun!!
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