The new school year is here and it's going to be the last year ever of having a child in Preschool.  Mimi started Kinder and she is doing simply perfect.  I have heard that the youngest child is always the one that learns everything faster and reaches every milestone sooner.  I don't really know how true is that in other families but the way that Mimi excels in just about anything and everything is really amazing.

Mimi is still extremely petite for her age and she can be confused by a child that is 2 years younger than her, but as soon as you interact with her, you can tell that she ain't a baby.  She talks so fluently and with such authority that it makes you feel that you are talking to a child that is several years older.

She is a fighter and she will accomplish anything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that she sets her mind to.  I have always believed that this is something that comes from the very beginning of her existence.  She defied birth control and was conceived... then doctors said I needed to end the pregnancy because my life is at danger and she prove them wrong... then, she survived to low amniotic fluid and couple of rounds on her neck... and after she was born, she has managed to reach every single milestone earlier than expected.

Mis is also doing really good at First Grade and Gaby at 4th grade. We moved and they are all in a new school and loving it. They would occasionally mention their old school but they have felt so at home in the new school that they are just fine.

In another note, Nikon decided to relocate their office and I'm not working for them anymore.  I explored the option of staying home with just the income from my designing business, however mama gotta bring home the bacon and one income is not doable.  I was offered a job as a Spanish/English interpreter and even though I have never done something like that before, I can't wait to see how it turns out.  I have a feeling that I will love it.
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