A new post!! FINALLY!! I have missed my blogs so much, and I think it is time to start blogging again. I will try to catch up, and that is what I plan to do for the next days. I cant promise to post on a daily basis, but who knows if I manage it. Here is a quick update from each one of the girls:

Last Friday was the last day of Toddler 2. She turned 3 last month, and even though she is still a peanut, you can tell how much she has grown just listening to her. She talks way better of what Camila and Gaby talked at 3 years old, and they were great talkers: So that is a lot to say. Her coloring has improved a lot and she hardly leaves white spots while she does it. She knows her colors, and can count until 5. I don’t believe there is anything that she cant actually express, and she makes sure to make her point across. She can play with mostly every toy around (especially the one that it is already in use by one of her sisters), however I dare to say that what she likes the most is arts and crafts. If there is crayons, paint, scissors, glue and paper, she will leave behind ANY toy she may be playing with. Lately she has been playing a lot with “My Little Ponies” and she loves to brush their hair. She still loves water and loves TO EAT more than anything in the world (I still wonder where is all that food going).

She finished the Toddler 3 class last Friday, and even though her evaluation will be next week, I know I will be hearing great things from her. She turned 4 in April, yet she is still like a big baby to me. She is still a very happy child, however some changes that occurred in our household for the last few months affected her the most from all 3 girls (most of you know what Im talking about, if not just ask me privately). She loves pretend play like there is no tomorrow, and she needs a doll with her 24/7. That doll needs to have all her needs covered, so she needs at least: a bottle, a bib or blanket, a pacifier, and needs to be properly dressed (preferably with a change of clothes). She still prefers to play with the sand instead of the water when we are on the beach, however when she gets in the water she doesn’t want to get out. She is still a mama’s girl; however she is crazy about daddy to. She will do ANYTHING for a hug and a kiss, and prefers to cuddle with us than anything else (which can be very cute, except for when I want to go to the bathroom or simply have a 2 minutes alone time). She started taking ballet classes with Gaby, even though I think she is more into wearing the ballet outfit than dancing itself.

She finished first grade last Friday and I still cant believe it. Getting to first grade was a huge milestone itself, but getting to an end feels like my daughter is a little lady. I will get her grades on the 24th and I cant wait. Back in January, I switched her to another school (that is a whole new post), and this school is primarily in Spanish. She now can read mostly ANYTHING, and I just love how she can read books to her sisters, and how easy it has become for her. We have to work hard with her English so she doesn’t forget what she had accomplished before, and I plan to work on it on the summer. She continues to be a dog lover and she misses Sassy very much. We told her to ask Santa for a new puppy this Christmas as we are planning to get her a female cocker spaniel (and of course, we will be naming her Lady like the movie). She loves computer games and watching movies for big kids. She also loves taking pictures, playing with her VPocket and actually anything that involves technology. I’m 100% sure strong genes from her daddy and me were passed to her, and I cant wait for her to grow a bit and start designing like I do. She is also in love with My Little Pony, The littlest Pet Shop, Barbie, Fairies in general and Disney Princesses. She is taking ballet classes in the afternoon and she LOVES it!

As for me, I continue doing my designing business at 3 Little Flowers, and Im also working for a camera brand. It helps me stay close to photography and Im learning a lot about it. Ernest still working at the same school, and now has a second job at nights for a cell phone company. Busy bees!
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8 Lovely comments :

Erica said...

OMG i miss seeeing pics of them ...they look so grown!!!!! So glad u r blogging again amiguita!

The Royal Family said...

I am so glad you are blogging again! I have not blogged in a long time either. I just can't seem to find the time anymore. I can't believe how big your girls are getting. Amy

My3Ro's said...

I have missed you so much mama. I am so glad everything is going good for you. Welcome back :-)

Cazza said...

Thanks for updating hun!!
Wow the girls look so big now compared to when I was there!!

I am happy to read that they are all going so well


Samy said...

Hurray you're back, las niƱas estan preciosas, just like their mother.

Heather said...

welcome back, we missed you! Girls look huge. i dont dare ask what happened to sassy.

Samy said...

I change my blog address now is

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Erica: Im happy to be blogging again!!! :)

Amy: Good moment to update!! Will stop by your blog to see if you did it!!

Susan: I have missed you too!! Hope to catch up soon!

Cara: Yes, that is true! I was seeing pictures the other day, and OMG! They are soo different, especially Mimi and Mia!

Samy: Awww...Thanks girl!

Heather: You got your answer about Sassy already. We now have a plush dog named Sassy (sometimes Candy or Linda), I should post about it, though... LOL


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