Today is Luz birthday.  Her name means "light" in Spanish and that is exactly what she brought to my life when I needed it the most.  She is not only a great friend but she is also Mimi's godmother. Mimi is the only of my girls with two godmothers and the only one that has a godparent that is not related to me. Thinking on her birthday while also getting ready to celebrate Mimi’s birthday, makes me remember, once again, the sacrifice, unconditional help and love that she gave to us those last days in the hospital while we were fighting to keep Mimi in my belly for a little longer.

I would never forget the crazy lady (HER) that force herself into the NICU to take a picture of Mimi just for me to see. Details like that guarantee an special place in my heart for her. She may not be related to me, but she is family to me.  Here is a picture of her holding Mimi the day she was discharged from the NICU.
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