A lot have been going on since the last update. My mother in law got to be sent from New Jersey to Ecuador to be buried in her native country and hubby got to fly over there to say the last good bye to his mom. She was buried on Saturday the 10th.

In a good note, even though it was for a VERY sad reason, hubby had 18 YEARS without visiting his native country and it has been something huge for him to be able to see all that family that he haven't seen in sooo long, and to meet those that were not even born the last time he was there. He is still there, and he will be coming back next week.

Gaby also lost another tooth (notice on the first picture), and survived *another* ear infection (sigh!). Mimi has an eating strike, and it is hardly eating. My poor petite baby is getting skinnier. Camila is doing great but misses daddy very much. The nanny, Yudy, is happy at home, and we love having her around! Me? Working like a donkey!

Last week I bring home a Nikon D50 with a 50mm 1.8 lens and here are some pictures I took (well, some of them were taken by my friend Perla who was home with us that day):

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Anonymous said...

awww amiga u look so beautiful!!! and wow Gaby's hair looks so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say Im so jealous of the camera you are using!!!!!!!! Im dying for a new one ! How are the girls doing...i mean did they understand about their abuela??

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Thanks girl... and yes, Gaby's hair is sooo long and I wont cut Mia or Mimi's hair EVER again.. LOL...

The camera that I will use for your pictures better.. Google Nikon D90 with the 18-200mm lens... So, get those bows, clippies, headbands, and whatever you are planning to send on the way, because we are only one week away!!

As for their abuela, Mia and Mimi have no clue whatsoever, and Gaby understands a bit as she remembers when my grandpa passed last year, but she hasnt cry or anything like that... Have in mind that they used to see each other only once per year, if at all.. They used to talk over the phone all the time, though....

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get everything in the mail on Monday hopefully :)

I guess is probably better they dont know too much ......burt Im very sad for them they wont be able to know her more.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I knoooow!! I was sooo blessed to grow up with my 4 grandparents alive... Both grandparents from my dad's side passed away when I was 21, and my granddad from my mom's side died when I was 28. My grandma from my mom's side is still alive.

I always said my girls were so lucky because they had 5 grandparents (I consider my dad's wife as a grandmother for them), and it makes me soo sad that they wont have memories of my mother in law... Gaby will have memories, as she knows very good who she was, but Mimi and Mia have no idea :(

Anonymous said...

Yep i know how you feel .....It makes me sad to think abuot my babies too ....when i grew up i had 2 grandmothers and my moms stepfather as my grandpa and my dads stepfather as my grandpa too. I also had great grandparents and I always thought since my parents were so youg my kids would have them ,,,,,Well Albertos mom died of cancer when he was only 6 and his Dad died in 2004 3 months after we moved in together......So my kids have no grandparents from him. Then my Dad passed away and Fifi only met him 2 times.....so now they only have my mom and step mom. I feel so sad thinking they will never ever have a grandpa or even a grandma from Alberto too ....only my mom and stepmom.


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