My mom and dad divorced when I was 2 years old and even though I spend some time with his side of the family, I never really got to know my cousins very much.  I knew most of their names (not all) but I was never close to my paternal cousins.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my sister's passed and at her wake, I got to meet a lot of cousins that I didn't even know I had.  We talked about it that day and decided that a family reunion was in order.  We needed to get to know each other.

Today was THAT day.  Sadly, it was a pool party and Gaby was extremely sick to be able to go.  It was sad to keep her home but she wasn't in the condition to be exposed to a pool in such a windy day.  At the end, it was so chilly that nobody got into the pool, but the weather was still not appropriate for Gaby to be there. I'm sure we will have more reunions were she will get to meet them.

Both of my families are very large.  My mom comes from a family of 8 children and my dad from a family of 6 children.  Each one of my aunts and uncles from both sides have several kids which means that I have LOTS of cousins.  Then, my cousins have LOTS of kids themselves.  I have three bothers and only one of them was there, and only one of my two nephews.  But in all, lots of us got together including my dad who is one of the few survivors (4 of his siblings already passed, only one is alive).  

The girls had a blast with all her "new cousins".  Funny thing is that they meet ALL of them that day (except for my nephew).  Can't wait for Gaby to meet them all.

And here are a couple of pictures with my dad and one of my brothers.

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