Gigi got into labor early on Monday and even though the vet was worried that she may need a c/section, he was able to help her to give birth naturally. Sadly, one of the pups didn't make it and another one was born sick.  One is chocolate, the other is kinda sandy color and the other one is kinda gold like Gigi.

Breastfeeding has been a real challenge because when the pups cry, Gigi understand they need her and she gets all "mama bear", but she doesn't understand that they just need to be fed. She needs to have the pups put on the breast every 2 hours until she understands that they need to do that.

As I work full time, Gigi has been staying at the vet during my working hours to get help with the feeding and I have been picking them up after work every day. This has really been a full time job and I am not looking forward Gigi getting pregnant again.

Another challenging situation is that Gigi wants to get the pup on top of my bed... I mean, it is YES or YES for her. Many things related to hygiene keeps me from allowing her to do that, but also because if they move, they may felt off. To help with this, I am keeping them all inside of the cage which is sad because Gigi wants to be free, but I will need to do this until she understand that they do not belong in my bed.

The pup that was exactly Gigi's color was not feeding very well, and the vet's assistant told me that he was having a hard time getting him to attach to the breast. Also, Gigi was pushing him away from the others.  The vet explained him that moms do that when they notice a pup is sick as an alert. The vet suggested tube feeding but he was not very hopeful. After a little over 24 hours of tube feeding, and after fighting hard for 4 days, he was just too weak to keep up. We were very sad, but the girls were strong about it.

Here is a picture of the "Male Mini-Gigi"... aka Gigito

And here is a picture of the "Female Mini-Gigi"... aka Gigita... One day she looks gray, then another she looks khaki... We have no idea what color she will have growing up.
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