We all knew this was coming... Gaby's special weekend with mama was super fun!

Something that I know Gaby loves is some adult interaction, which is not something we can do with her little sisters. She eats like an adult, and I decided to take her to the Restaurant where I celebrated my birthday a couple of months ago.

Three friends of mine were there with us and she blended in just fine. She was part of the conversation just like a teenager would. It was refreshing to see.

She ate a 4 ounces bacon cheeseburger and also a slide of pizza. She worked hard to be slim and I like to reward her from time to time. She understands that she needs to eat in moderation all the time in order to have this type of cravings filled.

And of course, she spent lots of time with the pups too. They are already breastfeeding way better, but she still loved to assist.

We went to a different mall for the movies, because I wanted to take her to a ride simulator (third picture below) that I found the other day when I was leaving the gym. Of course, she wanted ice cream and ice cream she got. Then, I begged her to watch a different movie than her sisters did and I seriously regret it. We watched the Lego Movie (middle picture below), and I would have preferred a third round of Mr. Peabody. It was the first time in my life that I was falling asleep at a movie theater.

And here she is outside of the ride simulator. It's called X-Ride 9D and she really liked it.
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