As expected, Mimi and Gaby organized a strike because they were not going to let me get away with Mia's quality time weekend. They requested one for each one of them.

This weekend was Mimi's weekend with mama, and we did a lot of things.  Opposite to Mia, she IS very bossy so she ask for lots and lots of stuff.  I tried to spoil her as much as time and money allowed. She was extremely happy.

Even though we did a lot of things, her main interest was spending time with the pups and helping with their feedings. She did an awesome job and just can't get enough of them.

Eating is one of her favorite things to do and, as I always say, it must be all going to her brain to make her smarter, because she is still my very petite and very thin baby.  On the first picture below she's eating one of mama's special wraps, then eating at Mc Donalds and then vanilla ice cream.

Just as I imagined, taking Mia to the movies to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman was going to mean that I would watch the movie more than once. I watched my second round with Mimi.  Thanks Goodness is a good movie. Mimi also wanted to see the aquarium and I took her too. On the third picture, she got into one of those mini attractions you find on malls.. she wanted to pretend for 2 minutes that she was a baby again.

I got naughty bunny ears and tail to wear over my clothes at my work's Halloween party and she tried them on. I promise to embarrass her about it when she is older. She also got a new book about dogs, and of course she wanted to know ALL about chihuahuas.

At the movies the Frozen sign are still up, even though they are not playing the movie anymore... I am sure she would have made me watch it for the 100th time...
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