Warning: If you are too sensitive to read about a very bloody experience, you may want to skip this post...

Just a few weeks ago, Mimi felt against the corner of my mom's desk and cut herself right where her left eye starts... We rushed her to the ER, even though we knew she was not going to need stitches, but we wanted a doctor to see her... They put a Steri-Strip, and we were sent home... The Steri-Trip didnt last more than 6 hours, but we did our best to keep it there...

Today, it was a different story... Gaby was standing up with a bucket, while Mimi was sitting on a chair putting a ball inside the bucket.. They were playing very innocently and quiet, so I went to the bathroom. A few seconds later, I hear a crying... Mimi started crying, and Gaby started screaming... I run out of the bathroom just to see how Gaby was dragging me were I was while Mimi's face was COVERED in blood, and Gaby was saying: Mommy, Mimi is dead, Mimi is dead! (it makes me giggle to remember that because she was soo cute... but, of course, there were no giggles when it was happening!!!!!)...

It took me what it seems forever to find the spot where the blood was coming from... She was dripping blood and her whole face was covered in blood... I actually had to take her to the sink and clean her because I couldnt find it... Hubby was on his way to bring Mia from preschool, so I started getting my clothes on... Two or three minutes later he got there, and I felt relief... Im not the kind of person that will cry or get a panic attack in this kind of situations, but as hubby was an EMT, it makes me feel protected in this kind of situations... He asked me to make compression with an small towel, and we ran to the hospital...

The most accure version that I could get out of Gaby's mouth was that aparently she moved too far from the chair, and it got too far for Mimi to insert the ball in the bucket, so she felt face first on the rails of the sliding door!!!!

Anyway, we got to the ER and they took care of her right away... It actually took SIX stitches to close it, and she behaved soo good that I cant even explain it... She was very brave, even though she wasnt happy with being held by two people (I was one of the two) while a third was doing the stitches... Hubby had to stay outside with Gaby and Mia as kids are not allowed in that part of the ER... I had to handle this by myself, but I really couldnt be apart from her... Poor hubby was dying to be in there, but somebody had to stay with the other two.

They put her some Steri-Trip and she needed to keep them for 48 hours.. They actually gave us a full package of it so we could put it back every time that she would take it off (Thank God I got a doctor that is a father of a young child and he knew that she would take it off no matter how much we try to keep her hands away from it)... They decided to put a big bandage around her forehead to try to keep her hands off the steri-trip and stitches as as long as possible....

Here are the girls cuddling after we got back from the ER:
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Anonymous said...

awww poor mimi :(


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