Ten years ago was my high school graduation day. I gratuated in a school that goes from Preschool all the way up to Twelve Grade. My first year in that school was Kinder, so that means that I met most of them when I was 5 years old, and I was already 18 by the time I graduated. We were 125 kids, plus several others that were once part of our clas, but that didnt gradute with us and were always around.

Statistics from the night (by Laura S.): From 125 graduates, only 44 were missing, which means 65% was present at the party. Out of the 35% that were missing, a 27% is overseas.

This is how we looked 10 years ago:


Three of my buddies: Angie, Noelia and Laura

My sis Noelia, hubby and my friend Lisis:

Some of the girls did a dance that they performed during our high school years.. They actually were rehersing for a few weeks prior the party...

Watching some memories... Tons of fun!!

Lisis, Amaury, Noelia and me:

Diala, Jeimi, Me, Cristina and Iraisa:

A group photo... Some had left by the moment of this shot:

Photos were taken by Marco, Laura, Radhames, Lisis and Jacobo.
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3 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

So awesome!!!!! My 10 yrs reunion is in 2 yrs 2011 :) BTW- You look awesome girl!!!!

Jenny said...

That's awesome that you went to school with them for all those years. I can't even count the number of different schools I went to since we moved so much while I was growing up, I'm jealous! So glad you had a good time!

Guzzie said...

Nice pictures! Glad you had fun!


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