Even though I have been keeping up with my new health blog for a few weeks already, I havent properly introduce it... It is called: Feels like recovering the old me!

My first post starts like this: I have been overweight for almost 6 years, and this still doesnt feel like me. My weight gain story started when I got pregnant with my first daughter. Due to liquid retantion I manage to gain 60 pounds during my first pregnancy. I was NEVER able to loose that weight... Two pregnancies later and 2 years after my last pregnancy, Im still in the same position that I was when I gave birth to my first daughter.

As Im a petite person (5'2 3/4... almost 5'3, but not really) and being at the weight I am now is A LOT. For several years I have tried to loose weight with doctors, diets, and exersise, but nothing happens... I have lost 5-10 pounds and gain them again, but nothing REALLY happens...

On this blog I plan to talk about my ups and downs on my weight loss journey, as well as some of the health issues I have been discovering along the way and how Im dealing with them... There will also be some tips of how I have been losing weight, in case I can help one of my readers.

This blog is private, so if you want access to my blog, you can fill out a contact form on my site (this way your email will only be seen by me), or even just leave a comment here...
Posted by Anelys Perez On 4:02 PM 2 comments

2 Lovely comments :

Marisol Hinojosa said...

HI chica, i am the same way, so maybe we can give each other ideas!

Marisol :)

Nicole said...

You got your mind set to it and already accomplished so much, you will do this , too.


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