PhotobucketToday Sassy had her first playdate ever!! One of hubby's co-workers needed a babysitter for her dog (not really her dog, but that is a long story).. Anyway, we agreed and the girls couldnt be happier... They were expecting him since 2 days ago when we first mention it and it is like a dream come true (especially for Gaby)... Gaby has always dreamed about a quiet dog that will calmy sit right next to her... This is the first dog that actually sits right next to her ans STAYS there!!

His name is Miky (as in Mickey), and he is a Lhasa Apso. It bring me back a lot of memories to have a Lhasa Apso at home.. Back in March, I posted about two dogs of that breed that I had while growing up (there is even a photo of them). I still think about them a lot, and Miky was a lot like them.. As I still havent been able to buy a camera since the last time it got stolen, and my dad's camera wasnt here (we have been using it from time to time), I couldnt take photos (Sassy's photo on the right is actually from 2 days ago with my dad's camera)... It was sad not to take photos cause the chemistry between Sassy and Miky was amazing!! They were kissing each other (yes, ACTUALLY kissing), and playing non-stop. I dont think Miky has ever played that much in his life, but he was able to handle it longer than Sassy (There was a point that Sassy wanted to rest, but Miky wanted to keep playing.. so cute)...

The girls are wondering when he is going to come back, and Im not sure it will happen... It honestly wasnt easy to take care of 2 dogs and 3 kids all by myself... I was exhausted by the time hubby got home!! It was worth it, though, cause the girls REALLY enjoyed having him home!
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