As I mentioned in the other "Gaby's eyes" post, Gaby had a Cyclopegic Refraction Test, but the results where on my purse when the purse snatcher took my purse away. I wont mentioned how it happened, because I dont want to get the girl* in trouble (and who knows who is reading), but they repeat the test to Gaby today.... Im very thankful for it.

I will take Gaby to the eye doctor next Tuesday, as the eye doctor evaluation needs to be done 48 hours after the Cyclopegic Refraction Test, and she doesnt work on Monday. I will update you guys then.

In another note, Gaby was GREEN the whole day in school today!!! I was so happy that I almost cried when I saw a "certificate" that they sent, stating how well she behaved today and how she followed instructions the whole day. I will put it in her bedroom and I will make sure she sees how much attention she gets when she behaves!

EDITING because of a lovely comment I just got:
* Im talking about the girl from the "Eye Test" that we did to Gaby, not the guy that snatched the purse.
Posted by Anelys Perez On 11:23 PM 4 comments

4 Lovely comments :

Anonymous said...

I thought I guy took you're purse? What girl?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Im sorry I wasnt specific enough for you to understand... I dont want to get in trouble the girl from the "Eye Testing" place.... That is why I wont mention details of how I was able to get the test again.....

Anonymous said...

Oh OK! I'm glad you got them again so she didn't have to go through that all over.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Unfortunately, she did had to go through that all over, and it was very traumatic AGAIN (they need to put 4 different types of drops to dilate her every 5 minutes, and she has screamed every time like if somebody was hitting her)... But I did got some "help" with the "monetary" part as it is a very expensive procedure and they dont accept the insurance for it. That is the part that I prefer not to go into much details... If you want to, just email be at 3littleflowers from gmail and I will give you more details! :)


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