Gaby have been having misbehaving issues in every preschool she has attended to. Mostly, she has a hard time adapting, and once she adapts we have moved her to another school for one reason or the other. There has always been complains and suggestions from the school, but never a real meeting.

Today was that FIRST meeting at "a school" regarding one of my daughters behaviors, and even though it wont be the last, I hope there is no need to do any more. I have my feet on the ground, and I know Gaby more than any person in the world. I know how she behaves, and I would never be one of those mothers on denial, and wont ever admit that their child has a problem of any magnitude.

Of course, that doesnt mean that I like to hear other people complaining about my kid (it's like Im the one that is allow to do that), but this meeting had such a positive approach that I was sure it was going to bring lots of positive things. On the meeting were present: Gaby's English teacher (who is her homeroom teacher), the principal, the kids psychologist from school, plus hubby and I.

First of all, Gaby has shown to be a very smart girl, and she amazes her teacher with her English skills. Honestly, she has been speaking English so good lately, that it amazes us too. She forms complete sentences and uses: "the", "is", "a" correctly. Her issues comes when is time to writing because she doesnt want to, even though she knows how to do it (which we all think can be relate to her eyes problems). The principal also recommended me her cousin who is an excellent pediatric eye doctor, and we will be taking her later on.

Gaby also has a situation with following rules. She knows all the rules, and she can tell you the rules and even the consequences if you dont follow them, however she still has a hard time following them, and has been disturbing her classroom, and sometimes they have to send her to the hall, or even to the Principal or Counselor's office.

I have tried many different behavior systems, but the only thing that I have never tried is to unite the system with the school. We all agree that Gaby needs consistency and she needs to have the same rules at school and at home, and she needs to have the same boundaries.

As per the principal's proposal, we will be doing the red/yellow/green light behavior system. Gaby's major goal is to learn to follow instructions, and this is a very good method for it. There are several explanations of the system, but here is what it is.

Gaby starts the day in green, and she wants to keep it in green. The only way to keep it green is following instructions. While she is in green she needs to be praised. When there is an instruction that needs to be followed, and she refuses to follow it, she will be reminded that if she doesnt follow the instructions she will be moved to yellow, and what that means. If she doesnt follow the instruction anyway, she will be moved to yellow. Then, she can either start following rules and move to green, or she can continue not following instructions and be moved to red. With red there is always a negative consequence (which she should already know in advance).

The school will have their "traffic lights" and we will have ours (and we all agree my mom should have hers too)... We agreed that it will be too hard on them if the lights continue from home to school. I think it was a great meeting and we are all looking forward the best for Gaby.

I will also make a chart to keep track of how many days she has been able to go to bed in green. At the end of the week (and later on at the end of the month) she will have a bigger reward for having the most lights in green.
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Jenny said...

I'm sorry that Gaby has been having problems at school. But it sounds like the meeting went well and I hope your game plan helps her behave better. We used that same green, yellow, red system in my elementary school growing up!
I'm also sorry your husband hasn't been feeling well, hope he feels better soon!! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Hey hun i will comment on the blog later but i wanted to come on here to see if you received my messages yesterday because my phone died and i think i sent you the wrong # the first time.....i cant email you because DH vpn on this laptop blocks my email ....LMK

Heather said...

Good luck!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Jenny: So far it is working at home, but not very good at school... We'll see...

Erica: Im late answering but you know we already figured this out.

Heather: Thanks!


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