I did a WHOLE bunch of tests... My uncle only sent me for the thyroids test (T3, T4 & TSH), but I had a referral from the fist ER visit when my blood pressure went up.... So, it was better to be sure and I did them all... It had Red and white blood cell count, Glucose, Urea (BUN), Creatinine, Uric Acid, Triglycerides, Colesterol... you name it.... (too lazy to link them all... )

I havent taken the test results to my uncle, so I dont have a medical analysis just yet, but the results does have the parameter and everything looks in place. The thyroids are close to be low, but are still in normal range.. He will tell me what that means.

The only thing that are outside of parameter is the cholesterol. The LDL is the bad cholesterol, and I have it in normal range, but the DHL which is the good cholesterol, I have it low. Looks like I dont eat enough food good cholesterol.

I have been reading online and it says that the low DHL levels are related to heart disease, so who knows if my problem is there. It also says that things that help to higher the DHL levels are quitting smoking (and I dont smoke), drink alcohol (this is very funny as I dont drink any alcohol) and exercising (which I havent been doing). So, out of those three things, the only thing that can be really affecting me is my lack of exercising.

I bet my fingers are in VERY good condition of so much typing, and my hands are in very good shape with all the designing done with the mouse, but I need to get everything else in my body to exercise (my poor elliptical machine is collecting dust bunnies downstairs).

Anyway, I will wait to hear from my uncle and I will take it from there... He may send me to an endocrinologist. Promise to keep you guys updated!
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