It is crazy to think about it, but I just cant believe all the things that have happened in our lives in this past five years. Our life was so different, and I hardly can believe all that we have grown as a family in only five years. Five years and 6 months ago, we found out that we were expecting our first child. It seemed unbelievable, and after 3 home tests and 2 lab visits, it was true!

Hubby and I were very much in love and pretty sure what we wanted in life, and we were thrilled but pretty much scared of what this change was going to bring to our lives. It was a very hot summer in New Jersey, and as hubby was a lifeguard and swimming instructor, we spent most of our summer from pool to pool. He also did maintenance to lots of pools, and we spent a lot of time in the roads as most of the pools were almost hitting Pennsylvania.

My pregnancy was great, even though I was always alert, trying to avoid anything that could possibly happen. At some point during my third trimester I started feeling discomfort and low back pain, but it was "normal". One night at 36 weeks (just a couple of days before my mom was flying in for 6 weeks) the discomfort was way more intense, and I decided to take a trip to the E.R. Mostly, I just needed to be reassured that everything was just fine, and to be sent back to my house.

That didnt happen! I was having strong contractions every 10 minutes or so, and was already 2 centimeters dialated. They kept me overnight with no food, and when they checked me again I was still 2 centimeters. I signed a released form to be sent home because I was not planning to stay there longer. I mean, I was starving, and also had tons of stuff to do... I was not ready for baby just yet. My mom planned to arrive early and there was tons of things that I wanted to buy with her.

So, as funny as it sounds, here is the agenda of that day:
- Shopping
- Get ready for baby
- Home at 4pm
- Shower
- Washed my hair
- Hospital to have my baby!!

I knew I was dilating more, and by that time, I was already starting to feel the contractions way more. When I got to the hospital I was already 4 centimeters, and I knew that was it. I remembered that night I called my mom with a calling card from the Hospital, and told her that there may be a baby by the time she gets here at the next day. She was at my aunt's house celebrating a shower for me. They got together to buy presents for Gaby, and she told me that they all prayed together that night.

I was stressed and very anxious, and my progress was sooo slow, that they even gave me something to help me sleep. The morning was looooooooong, and I was very moody... They didnt want to let me walk because I was still early and they wanted the baby to bake a bit longer, but suddenly my water broke, and that was really it. After that, they knew nothing was going to stop Gaby from being born, so they let me walk to make things a bit faster.

I remembered that I was holding it together without pain medications, but the nurses kept insisting if I wanted the epidural. They insisted so much that I decide it to let them put it to me, even though I was still holding it together. Then, the anesthetist lady upset me because she wanted my EMT hubby out of the room... He was an EMT for Christ Sake, he was not going to faint! So, I decided not to get it because I didnt want to stay alone in there... I remember I was in a lot of pain in my hands because of the IV. Of course, just after she left, the pain started getting unbearable and I had to agree on getting the epidural without hubby present.

A couple of friends went to pick up my mom to the Airport, and my mom got straight to the Hospital when I was already 9 centimeters. It was a bit over 3:00pm when I hit 10. My mom and hubby were pushing with me, and Im positive that it was a team job. I cant even imagine how I would have manage to give birth without their help. We ALL pushed for over an hour. Gaby was born at 4:21pm weighting 6 pounds, 6 ounces and 19.5 inches long. She didnt cried right away, but she got an 8-9 Apgar score.

Hours passed and my baby wasnt with me. I complained and complained and nobody was giving us clear info. Then, the doctor in charge came to talk to me. As they anticipated, she developed Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and she needs to spent some time in the NICU. That hospital had an space for only 4 babies, and it was full already. They called an ambulance to transport her to St. Joseph Children's Hospital, two hours away! They took her for me to see her, and check bracelet ID numbers. I still needed to stay in the hospital, so suddenly I have no baby in my belly, and no baby in my arms!! It was hard!

Hubby left with Gaby, and I stayed with my mom. Hubby promised not to be apart from her and to keep me updated, and he did. It was hard not to have my baby, but at least hubby was there for her.

A few days later, we all went home, and breastfeeding was a total failure. After much frustration, we decided to let formula to take over, and Gaby was an all time feeder and she was never full. Until now she is still a milk freak, and she doesnt make negotiations that puts her milk in danger. She is a very smart girl, and even though she has gone through so much in her short life, she is so full of life.

She is a strong willed girl, always ready to let her creativity fly away. She loves motor gross activities and can be a very sweet and loving girl. She loves her sisters to death, and even though she loves all her grandparents a lot, she had a weakness over her paternal grandfather (my father in law). While she was little, she used to be a daddy's girl, but now she has become a mommy's girl. She loves sports, and we cant wait to see what sport she will prefer while growing up. She loves dogs like nothing else in the world, and she is a happier girl since she has one at home.

Gabriela: We learned how to be parents with you, and we promise to do our best. You are the best big sister both of your sisters can ask for. We love you very much, and we cant wait to see all the big things that we know you will do as you continue to grow up. Keep it up!!
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7 Lovely comments :

Jenny said...

I loved hearing Gaby's story. I hope she had a wonderful birthday and party! She is very lucky to have such a loving momma!

The Garske's said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Gaby!!!

Anonymous said...

awww i love that story ....i feel inspired to write mine now !!! LOL....Happy birthday Gaby!!!!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

I hope you had a great day Gabby! Happy 5th Birthday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Stella and Maite

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Jenny: Thanks for taking the time to read it!!

Aimee: Thanks!!!

Erica: Cant wait to read yours!! You should do it as she just turned one.

Gentri: Thanks

Angy: We love you guys too!! Miss you!!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday girl!



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