... at least that is how hubby described her.

All my daughters love the water... It is part of their nature, on their genes. Hubby's life turned around pools since he younger than Gaby until we moved to this country. My sister in law is still working in pools, and it is just what they love to do... My daughters all have that, but the love for water that Mimi feels goes beyond of any love Mia and Gaby can ever imagine to have for the water.

If you remember the post when I mentioned 7 facts about her, I mentioned that she is the only one of my daughters that doesnt get bothered when the water goes in her face... She also blows and hold her breath correctly, and nobody taught her that. She just does it naturally.

Today I had the camera again, because I needed to download some pictures, and decided to take a few pictures to "prove" her LOVE for the water... Here is one:
Posted by Anelys Perez On 9:26 PM 9 comments

9 Lovely comments :

Kate said...

That is impressive! Dylan will try to blow bubbles in the water and ends up with a mouth full of soapy water!

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails said...

What a great shot. Cooper loves the water like that too. He loves to put his face in the water and blowing bubbles already. We are both rasing a fish I guess. LOL

Heather said...

Completely precious! Thais is the same way but now I see it in Tiago. I kind of saw it before but this trip home, i really see it in him. Its an amazing thing for them to have, glad we can share in it!

Anonymous said...

OMG i just love her.....she is too cute!!!! And look at all those teeth. Fifi has 6 teeth now !! Fifi also is the same way when i put water in her face she love it and holds her breath!!!!

Guzzie said...

That is such a great shot and picture! She looks gorgeous as always

Nikkolish said...

Your girls are beautiful! I love all the pictures of them! Thanks for stopping by my blog...i'm adding you to my blogroll too so I read what your are all up to ;)

Sara said...

Great picture!

Melissa said...

very cute picture!! That is awesome.

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Kate: LOL... I can picture it!!!

Gentri: Yeah.. Two fishes and very close in age!

H: Yes, it is an awesome thing to share!!! I really love this!

Erica: I kinda lost count of the teeth already (I know, bad mom)...

Luz: Love it too! :)

Nikkolish: Thanks for stopping by mine too!!!

Sara: Thanks! :)

Melissa: Thanks!! :)


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