There's no school today, so hubby and Gaby are home. Rains started and winds are really strong. We have red alert but is not expected to hit my area too much. It came from Puerto Rico, so it's hitting my old house first (all the area of Punta Cana, Bavaro and Higuey). My brother already lost his cable over the winds.

Update on Saturday Dec. 15th:

Olga now remnant low, claimed 25 lives

Olga is now a remnant low but, the bad news about Olga is that it has claimed at least 25 lives in flash flooding and mudslides in Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. Most of those killed were in mudslides in interior parts of Dominican Republic and Haiti. One of the hardest hit areas was northern city of Santiago where a dam was breached and the flood gates opened resulting in a wall of water to thunder into the city killing many people.
A comprehensive recap of the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season follows.
As the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season officially came to a close on November 30, with some fanfare with Olga past the end of the season into December, NOAA scientists are now carefully reviewing a set of dynamic weather patterns that yielded lower-than-expected hurricane activity across the Atlantic Basin. As a result, the United States was largely spared from significant landfalling storms. However several noteworthy events took place, including two back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes hitting Central America and the rapid near-shore intensification of the single U.S. landfalling hurricane.
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